Let’s get wet, beat the heat!

Hi there my cat! I don’t know where are you right now. If you already take your meal or wash yourself. All I know is that I’m so worried about you the whole day. Where did you go? Why do you escape? Don’t you like your food anymore? Or are you just searching for a mate? Whatever it is my dear cat, our home is always open for you like the first day I decided to adopt you. I’am not losing hope that tomorrow as I wake up, I will see you again. Running and playing with your kitten. Come back home so soon. I will be out tomorrow until Monday, so please find your way back home safe.

The whole family is waiting for you especially your ever playful and loving kitten.

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But if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

Nothing changed at all?

And if you close your eyes,

Does it almost feel like

You’ve been here before?

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We only write about two feelings: one is the first day of summer when you and all of your friends are standing on the edge of a cliff watching the sun set and being overcome with all of your hopes and dreams at once. The other is when you’re walking alone in the rain and realize you will be alone forever.
The Drums (via 700seas)

Alam mo yung feeling na masaya ka pero hindi ka tumatawa ng malakas? I mean, yung happiness from inside? Yung naka straight face ka lang then all of a sudden mapapangiti ka nalang. Then you try to close your eyes at dun mo macoconfirm na masaya yung puso mo. Parang may inner peace ka. Totoo pala yun no? Yun kasi yung nararamdaman ko sa mga oras na ito. Masaya ako sa lahat ng aspeto sa buhay ko. Sana ganun din ang nararamdaman nyo ngayon. Thank you, Lord!