In Japan, for the train to arrive late is an extremely rare event, but when it happened, they took it very seriously, as the train conductors walked around and personally apologized to every one of us instead of just announcing it on the mic, but that’s not the best part!

Because the delay was just over 5 minutes, they actually handed each of us a printed “Proof of Lateness” slip so that you could show it to your boss or school to know it was not your fault being late, saving you the embarrassment of excuses. Nation of manners overdose!!!

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MANILA - Poverty should not hinder a student from working hard. Just ask Rommel Edusma, a farmer’s son and Yolanda survivor who went on to top the certified public accountant board exam.

Speaking to ABS-CBN’s Umagang Kay Ganda, Edusma confirmed that he had to stop schooling for three years because his family simply did not have money to pay for his college tuition. He said he was just one of 10 brothers and sisters in the family.

"My father was a former soldier and he retired early. We were all going to college so hindi po kakayanin. Mauuna muna yung nakakatanda," he said.

Edusma started college when he was 19 and finished at age 23. Last year, he decided to take a vacation in Tacloban just before Typhoon Yolanda hit.

"Nasaksihan ko yung bagsik ng Yolanda," he said, noting that even concrete houses in Tacloban were completely demolished.

Edusma had to hide under a bed mattress during the typhoon to survive.

He said that even before his review, he made it a goal to work hard and make it to the top 10 of the CPA board exams.

He also said he does not see poverty as a hindrance to studying hard.

"Ang kahirapan ay hindi kamalasan. Minsan ang pagiging mahirap ay pwedeng advantage. Halimbawa wala kang pambili sa mall, pampanood ng sine. Ang gagawin mo ay mag-aaral na lang. Wala kang pambili ng bisyo," he said.

All of Edusma’s hard work has paid off after he topped the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination, with a 94.7% rating.

He is now set to work in one of the biggest companies in the country.

Edusma said he is planning to teach and inspire poor students, especially his fellow ”Yolanda” survivors, to continue to dream.


Eiga Sai, the Japanese Film Festival brought to you by the Japan Foundation, Manila is coming back bigger and better this year! Watch out for the detailed information on the film lineup and schedule! We hope you look forward to it and hope to see you there! 

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Men’s Grooming Bar: Razor Sports.

School is now up, meaning summer is almost over, but the heat of the sun is still blazing on fire. True it is, that the best thing to beat the heat is to indulge ourselves in the crystal clear water of the pacific ocean. And if you are on a tight budget there is always our friendly neighborhood who offers mouth-watering halo-halo. But just yesterday, I discovered something new on how to beat the heat: haircut!


Yesterday after class, I decided to have a haircut. But the problem is, I don’t know where, since I got tired with my previous salon, not until I remember this particular barbershop I read on Seph’s blog. Getting there is so easy since it is just located at the 3F of Trinoma Mall near Mindanao Carpark. Store near them is Bose. I was hesitant at first to enter because I thought it was a store who sells stuffs not until I took a second look and saw the classic barber’s chair. And then the game is on. At the reception you will see alot of basketball related stuffs. From furniture to interior. You will also see some of James Yap’s pre-owned jerseys (btw, he’s one of the owner, I heard).

I must commend all their staffs because they’re all welcoming and hospitable. They will explain all their services and offer you the best deal they have. And I must say, the one who entertained me really has a gift of tongue. I was tempted to avail their promo of Haircut + Hair Spa + Foot Reflexology for only Php 800 and I didn’t regret it.



Like what I’ve said earlier, from furniture to interior is a one big wow. Their walls are painted in metallic colors that jives well to the whole shop. Plus their witty statements that’s posted on their walls and some portraits of paintings of well-renowned athletes of their time. They also have LCD monitors that flashes different types of haircuts that you could choose from, if you prefer, and there’s one that plays non-stop basketball games and updates.

My service last for an hour or two. They first did the haircut (and it was really nice and clean cut.) And then they did the Hair Spa and Foot Reflexology simultaneously. It was really relaxing that I fell asleep especially when they’re doing the foot reflexology. The pressure was so good and smooth. By the way, they will do all the service in your area since they don’t have separate rooms for every service. It was okay for me since all their chairs are all recliner. After the entire service, in all honesty, I really feel so fresh, relaxed and well-groomed. I was really satisfied with the service of this barber shop that I didn’t expect. Well, the last time I entered a barber shop was way back my HS year.


Oh, they also sell some personal stuffs that you can use to maintain your hair. I will definitely buy that Bosley (gel? I dunno what they call it.) because it smells so good.

Indeed, this is another proof of innovation. That a barber shop that all the boys loved before will turn to be like this. I must say, it’s always good to be back home.


Finished product! So clean and fresh! Loving it! Thanks, Razor Sports!


Services they offered. And they also cater women!


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Midnight Dramas.

I actually do not know how to start this. What I’am going say. What I’am suppose to write. But I know for myself that there’s something in me that I need to tell. Something that I can’t even utter. I don’t know why I always experienced it. Maybe because I’m not even used to it. I mean, used of sharing something.

Don’t get me wrong. But my idea of sharing something bad is like throwing or passing your burden to other people. Giving them their fair share of your dramas, anxieties and worries. Some people say that it’s healthy. Well, at some point I guess. They somewhat ease the pain by hugging you, lending their shoulders and giving you useful advice’s. But what happens after? You still find yourself in the corner of your bed. Tucked in. Thinking, “what have I done?”

Well, I can’t deny the fact to myself that I’m experiencing personal troubles right now. To myself, to my ego, to my being, to my totality. All I pray is that the Lord will continue to help me understand all these things. Because truth is, most of the time things happen the way we least expected, prayed and asked for. Only God knows the plan.

Just in case, if you happen to see me around the Metro walking, can you please give me a pat on the back? And I’m good to go with that! Cheers, mate!








Everybody deserves a vacation leave but not in my case! Happy last day of work for me! It was indeed a well spent getaway before going back to school. And I’m so excited for my career advancement.

Minimalist Band Logos (x)

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Now I can’t care to worry

I’m feeling so lonely

Breaking apart all this love in my heart.

Remembering The Used so much today. This song will wrap up what I feel right now. Highschool feels.

Let’s get wet, beat the heat!